Around the brand SENSE we encounter people who appreciate innovation, usefulness and uniqueness of sports equipment.

The Sense team are people that stretch the usual limits of sporting goods. Passion for movement, raising these limits, unites us and motivates us.

That’s how it all started and is lasting for more than 30 years. Ideas are constantly emerging, and are being solved, some immediately, some take up years, but the team is constantly living with this work and we believe that this also reflects in our products.

Because we want to push the boundaries, big size series of the same product is not our challenge, so we usually produce limited, handmade, unique products.

Carbon snowboarding boot 6th SENSE

SENSE has been, in more than 30 years of operation, repeatedly a witness of big twists in technologies and techniques used of these new technologies. In our experience the most neglected segment of snowboarding racing is the snowboard hard boot that has not seen substantial improvements for a long time.