Andrej Černe.

If we are to say that Andrej's snowboard is only "snowboard" is this about the same as we are to say that the painting of Leonardo da Vinci is only a "painting". Creations of the greatest artists are named after themselves: "There is a Van Gogh, on the other hand, Leonardo."

Andrej's products are unique and have a soul. They are technically sophisticated and sensible. They are for experts and not for amateurs. Andrej Cerne? It makes Sense!

Maks Vrečko

Andrej Černe

Stubborn and a passionate supporter of the pleasure in different sports. Most of the conventional sports products are setting restrictions to the users, but with Andrej's products is just the opposite – they open up new dimensions.

His wide technical knowledge of various industries (model making, bow making, ski and snowboard equipment, longboards, kiteboards and most recently carbon boots) exceeds the knowledge of the whole development team of a medium size company. Way in which the composition of wood and carbon, steel and flax, inserts and base layer is transformed into a useful product is nothing else than the art. Useful art.

At the time, when the usual snowboard is not »working« anymore, Sense snowboard is delivering and you just feel the desire for more and more. At the super smooth end of the turn you realize, that perfection exists. You can get bored with anything in 30 years, not only carving. If there were no Andrej's products I would probably look for perfection (in vain) in some other activity, but with snowboard I can experience it! Again and again, until my legs finally fail. As my wife says, I should do more for my physical condition, but I never find time to listen to her advice 