Sense biathlon stock

Sense biathlon stocks are a manifestation of passion, knowledge and years of experiences in biathlon, professional shooting, and craftsmanship of hi-tech materials. Using only the best materials, such as aluminum, rubber, carbon, flax fiber, bamboo, and paulownia wood, SENSElab has developed a unique biathlon stock system.

We used a sophisticated combination of these materials and CNC machining to produce a hi-tech stock which is light, durable and resistant to harsh conditions in biathlon races. We incorporated and upgraded standard manufacturing procedures to take a leap further in rifle stock design - optimized for maximum performance.


New stock info! (pdf) -> New stock for 2021

Light-weight: 3.5 kg with barrel (as set by IBU standards), so every biathlete can add weights to change the center of mass and still stay close to minimum weight allowed.

Low recoil: We used shock absorbing rubber, flax, and special recoil dampening system integrated in stock-barrel attachment points to reduce the vibration feedback from stock to barrel. Consequently, reduced recoil allows faster and easier transitions between targets.

High adjustability: Cheek piece and butt plate on standard model, and also grip and for arm support on 2021 model, are highly adjustable to perfectly fit individual biathletes.

Reliability: We used lightweight paulownia wood, very strong bamboo, and CNC machining to make a light and  durable stock.

Magnetic magazine holder: Integrated neodymium magnets enable fast handling with magazines.

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